The Woofer Insight

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Location: Coburg

Your train/tram/bus or general car route to the footy: Car

When you started supporting the Bulldogs approx: Birth

Where do you sit for Bulldog home games: Aisle 36 P1

Favourite Current Bulldog Player(s): Libba

Favourite Footy Ground(s): Spotless Stadium

Favourite WO moment in your time as a supporter (doesn’t necessarily need to an actual game there): KT's 15. I was like 6 or 7 but I still remember driving home and hearing Dad and my Uncle goingon and on about it. The otherhostage Fight back. We put a lot of time and energy into it on Summerhill withbthe social club pres of the time (cant remember his name but my Uncle would). He gave me a large, tin, Helps the Bulldogs sign as a memento

Favourite Bulldog H&A win in your time as a supporter - Knocking off Essington in round 21 of the 2000 Season.

Favourite Bulldog final moments: Macrae's goal in the Prelim and Picken's mark in the Granny.

Current Bulldog players from your school:None

Not current Bulldogs players that went to your school: Most of the Geelong FC (St. Joeys in Geelong)

Most Hated Team(s) Geelong

Your Local Footy Club and how many flags they have won: Growing up Newtown and Chilwell (Stevens Hocking coached us), 9 Premierships. I played in 1 of them.

Other Teams You Support: Womens Brazilian Volleyball Olympic Team