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    Re: Bont appreciation thread

    Pendlebury is surgical the way he kicks to a 1v1 up forward but somehow gives the defender no chance

    Bont is better in congestion
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    Re: Welcome to the Bulldogs: Bailey Smith

    Smith should be used like a Cooney or Judd, clearance player with burst speed and long kicking. Don't like him on the wing where you want endurance running to get involved in the play at both ends,...
  3. Re: Three things you've learned Round nineteen 2021 v Melbourne

    Petracca looks like Brownlow year Jobe Watson. Extremely beefy, likely to break down
  4. Re: WOOF Player Awards 2021 - R19 Dogs vs Demons

    Thought Bont could have been cited for a few head high collisions last night. He really played on the edge but it seems to bring the best out in him. Hunter was really combative under finals like...
  5. Thread: MRO Thread

    by boydogs

    Re: MRO Thread

    I thought Oliver was staging, the umpire was right there and should have reversed it if Cordy did as alleged
  6. Re: Always Right Match Committee - Round 19 Vs Adelaide Crows 2021

    The families of the players, and their work colleagues, and their work colleagues' families might be as well. How far do you take it? Josh Dunkley went to a cafe where someone with the virus went,...
  7. Re: Three things you've learned. Round seventeen 2021 v Swans of Sydney

    1. Garcia is Dahlhaus mach II
    2. Our forward line looks impotent sans Naughton
    3. Sydney's older brigade have still got it
  8. Re: 3 Most Effective Positional Changes - Bulldogs

    Robert Murphy to the forward line after being an AA half back
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    Re: WB Game Day V North Melbourne R16 2021

    Anyone remember the score review where it was called touched off the boot?

    Keath was losing his mind, he appeared to shepherd the ball through for a behind and would have been livid if the touched...
  10. Re: Always Right Match Committee - Round 17 Vs Sydney Swans 2021

    Hannan was alright yesterday, everyone saying Jamarra or Schache would be better underestimate Hannan's pace, marking and fitness

    I would bring Sweet in and send English forward for Naughton
  11. Re: AFL player salaries and the salary cap in 2021 and beyond

    Surely English is not getting that much

    And I'm assuming Treloar is getting some of that from Collingwood
  12. Re: WOOF Player Awards 2021 - R16 Dogs vs North

    I thought Keath was better than Cordy. Keath always looks like he is playing within himself, conserving his energy, doing the bare minimum by spoiling instead of trying to mark, giving it off instead...
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    Re: AFL Game Day R17 2021

    GWS Giants v Gold Coast Suns, 12:40pm at Mars Stadium

    Lol is this the warm up game before the local footy?
  14. Re: The Moment: Rnd 16, 2021 vs North Melbourne

    I couldn't tell if we were cruising or struggling but when Wallis decided he could kick it 50 it felt like we were home
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    Re: How Many More Wins Left In The H&A?

    We beat them comfortably earlier in the year
  16. Re: Steve Hocking resigns and will go to Geelong - good riddance

    I think Hocking's role is needed as coaches develop better strategies and players become fitter and more coachable. He has been given a lot of leash to make multiple changes each year, as opposed to...
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    Re: Congratulations Doc Duryea - 150 AFL Games

    70% win rate over 150 games, wouldn't be many better than that
  18. Re: The unofficial 2019 "Where is T&T?" who to root for thread

    We still have to face Melbourne & Port, plus Sydney & Essendon who are fighting for top 8, so rooting for other contenders to drop games still has merit
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    Re: Congratulations Doc Duryea - 150 AFL Games

    Forgot he was such a good kick. Loving his work this year
  20. Re: Defending the Three Headed Monster Defensive Strategy

    This is a 6-6-6 thing. Talls have become more important. There were games 5 years ago where Bont would be our 4th tallest player on the field. Then 3rd man up stopped and now 6-6-6 has come in, 3...
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    Re: WB Game Day V North Melbourne R16 2021

    WB by 37
    First goal McLean
    BOG Dale
  22. Re: Always Right Match Committee - Round 16 Vs North Melbourne 2021

    I think pace is Cordy's biggest issue, not size. Oscar Allen kicked 2 quick goals from centre clearances leading Cordy to the ball which looked like it might get WCE back in the game. They weren't...
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    Sticky: Re: Injury List - 2021

    Vandermeer for Hannan would make us better, it's important he gets back especially if Treloar doesn't, need that speed around half forward
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    Re: Welcome to the Western Bulldogs Riley Garcia

    Rough tackle. Maybe a bit enthusiastic but I reckon a first gamer should be able to tackle as hard as they like!
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    Re: Question: This season so farů

    2016 feels the most similar, getting an injury every week and feeling like our best is good enough if we get everyone back. Lots of the same players, the handball happy style, and game style...
  26. Re: The older I get, the LESS I care about individual awards.

    Some of the awards and recognition is just a sideshow, like the Jack Macrae 30+ touches a game thing, if his role changes that ends without him doing anything wrong. Others like AA and brownlow are...
  27. Re: Always Right Match Committee - Round 15 Vs West Coast Eagles 2021

    He lead the comeback against Hawthorn in the last quarter when he kicked most of his goals, but again, that was the last quarter
  28. Re: Always Right Match Committee - Round 15 Vs West Coast Eagles 2021

    Schache is a 4th quarter specialist with his fitness coming to the fore

    Just need someone to insult his girlfriend or something to make him physical at the start
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    Re: Jamarra - How excited are YOU???

    Have you seen him go for his marks? Makes Naughton look like a child
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    Re: Bankers & Anchors: Rnd 14, 2021 vs Geelong


    - Roarke Smith has lost his deer in the headlights sheen and is winning me over with his competitiveness
    - Bruce stepped up in the ruck and up forward when we lacked talls
    - Bailey...
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    Re: The Moment: Rnd 14, 2021 vs Geelong

    I don't know why we kept going long down the line with 1:00-1:30 to go, should have iced it
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    Re: All Australian side

    I would take Hawkins and Naughton over McKay and Walker
  33. Thread: MRO Thread

    by boydogs

    Re: MRO Thread

    Yeah that could have gone either way. Kind of turned his body to bump, kind of left the ground, got him high with very high impact, but almost carrying the ball at the time
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    Re: This is our biggest test since October 2016

    I reckon we would stand a little taller with them in the side
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    Re: This is our biggest test since October 2016

    Melbourne game was bigger, we won't be at our best for these games until we get Dunkley & Treloar back
  36. Re: Favourite Moment of the First Half of 2021?

    First half v GC was our best footy for the year

    We've been good to watch but this thread reminds me of this
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    Re: Best H&A season

    Tag Libba & turn the pressure up to 11? Only the best can sustain that

    West Coast have a lot of guns out but they might be looking better when we get them, 4/6 seems pretty reasonable leading up...
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    Re: Bevo on Ch. 7's The Front Bar last night

    Imagine a current player kicking 75m torps on the run, modern defenses would collapse!
  39. Re: What happens if you have too many injuries to name a full squad?

    Reduce the interchange cap to slow the game down and reduce injuries :P
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    Re: Top of the table! Do we....

    Libba pulled off a couple
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