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    Re: Allan Richardson Gone

    Gee that's unusual timing, sacking the coach the same week the play the dogs.

    I totally agree, he was in the sight of the media all year. When there's nothing to talk about they turn on Richo. His...
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    Re: Josh Dunkley - A power Mid in 2019

    What a brute of a player he has become. He is punching out elite numbers now.
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    Re: The moment rnd 17 2019 vs Melbourne

    Dunkley's tackle on Brayshaw when he was about to shoot for goal was huge.

    Hunter's goal from the boundary was when we pretty had it. I knew he was a massive chance to kick it because I've seen...
  4. Re: Three things you have learned-round 17 v Melbourne 2019

    1. Schache can hit contests hard and lay tackles. Love it. He is growing right before our eyes.

    2. Duryea and Lloyd were two very smart pick ups for us. Especially with our age profile. It's...
  5. Re: Bankers and Anchors, Rnd 17 2019 vs Melbourne


    1. Dunkley- what a beast, what a game.
    2. Rourke Smith - making the most of his limited opportunities. That's how you keep your spot in the team.
    3. Hunter- he's a busy busy bee. He...
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    Re: Woof Player Awards Round 17 2019

    4. Dunkley - 39 disp 24 of them contested to go with 15 tackles, wow!! Oh yeah and 2 goals.
    3. Hunter- Mr. Workrate. How's that goal though!!
    2. Macrae- the epitome of consistency
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    Re: WB FightBack30 V Melbourne R17 2019

    I wish our forwards got holding frees like Melbourne's get
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    Re: WB FightBack30 V Melbourne R17 2019

    We aren't looking good at the moment. Second to the ball and the Dees are getting more numbers to the contest and winning it. We are going to have to even the numbers around to ball this quarter to...
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    Re: WB FightBack30 V Melbourne R17 2019

    We are on a roll and won't be stopped!

    Dogs by 32
    First goal- Naughton
    BOG- Bontempelli (He's so hot right now!)

    It's a double header so...
    Footscray by 18
    First goal- Dale
    BOG- Wallis
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    Re: AFL Game Day R17 2019

    Saints taken it right up to the cats. We broke the code on how to beat them and shared it to the world. Go saints ( I can't believe I just said that). Geelong looking shaky after the bye
  11. Re: Always Right Match Committee Thread Round 17, Vs Melbourne

    Out - Roarke Smith ( bit stiff after one quiet game but there's competition for spots)

    In - Libba if fit otherwise West Jnr

    Rourke is the only one I can see coming out of the team because his...
  12. Re: Three things you have learned R16 V Geelong

    1. We have left our run to the finals too late.....I think.
    2. If last week's win against Port gave the boys belief, this week confirmed it.
    3. Bailey Smith's front and centre snap made something...
  13. Re: Bankers and Anchors, 2019, Rnd 16 vs Geelong


    1. Naughton- it's so nice to be the team who has the dominant forward for the day. If he kicked better he could of had a few more too. Geelong are no slouch when it comes to quality tall...
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    Re: The Moment. 2019, Round 16 vs Geelong

    The moment for me was when Bazlenka snapped that goal. Well that was until Trengove gifted Hawkins a goal to put us just 10 points up. Memories of last year came rushing back but I thought they'll...
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    Re: WOOF Player Awards RD 16 2019 vs Geelong

    I waited to do my votes to watch the replay after seeing the game live last night because I knew it was going to be hard.

    4. Bontempelli- definitely our best. Made mistakes at times but was so...
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    Re: AFL Game Day R16 2019

    Yep, I'm still pissed off we lost that. Tonight should've been Collingwoods third loss in a row.
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    Re: WB Game Day V Geelong R16 2019

    I can smell an upset

    Dogs by 16
    First goal- Dickson
    BOG- Dunkley
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    Re: Congratulations Hayden Crozier - 100 Games

    What a great player he has become. Very underrated and he just goes about his business. Was a bit shaky when he came over but has been more than just a decent player for us. Good times ahead I have...
  19. Re: Always Right Match Committee Thread Round 16, Vs Geelong

    Nailed it!!! First time ever under Bevo. It must be a sign that we are going to win. And by a lot.
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    Re: WB Game Day V Port Adelaide R15 2019

    Both are tremendous players and both are elite but what sets them apart for me is Bontempelli is a proven match winner. The same can't really be said about Cripps. And The Bont also hits the...
  21. Re: Always Right Match Committee Thread Round 16, Vs Geelong

    Out - Daniel

    In - McLean

    I'm still not sure why McLean was dropped in the first place. It mustn't have been to work on his forward craft because 30 possessions in the VFL sounds like he...
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    Re: WB Game Day V Port Adelaide R15 2019

    Haha yeah I finally got one close. I did have a gut feeling about our chances though.
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    Re: WB Game Day V Port Adelaide R15 2019

    I think your right. That makes more sense because I remember he doesn't normally play that position and Jim Sewell was a forward wasn't he. Wally was one tough unit. I remember half the Barkley St...
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    Re: WB Game Day V Port Adelaide R15 2019

    This one ^^

    Another I remember when I was a kid was against the Swans and we ended up with plenty of injuries so much that Jim Sewell had to play full forward on one leg just staying pretty much...
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    Re: The Moment: Rnd 15 2019 vs Port Adelaide

    The Schache overhead mark with a wet ball and goes back and nails the snap kick.

    Also Suckling's snap set shot just sneaking in. Right there I knew we were on!
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    Re: Fixing our ****ing awful goal kicking

    These goal kicking woes run deep, real deep. In fact it goes all the way to the supporters. Today I played super rules (old man slow motion footy), I had a chance to ice the game with a minute to go...
  27. Re: Bankers and Anchors: Rnd 15 2019 vs Port Adelaide


    1. The Bont - sublime!

    2. Bailey Smith - I thought last week he looked like he might need a rest but what do I know, 14 tackles!!!! That's how you can influence a game if you not...
  28. Re: WOOF Player Awards RD 15 2019 vs Port Power

    4. Bontempelli - set us up
    3. Macrae - he kicked a goal!
    2. Crozier - Mr courageous
    1. Schache - 3 goals in those conditions for a 200cm forward. He played his position brilliantly.

  29. Re: Three things you have learned round 15 2019 v Port Adelaide

    Double post
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    Re: WB Game Day V Port Adelaide R15 2019

    Dogs by 22 - I just have a feeling about this one.
    First goal - Bailey Smith
    BOG - The Bont to get back into Brownlow conversation!
  31. Re: The English patient: Tall ruck wages a battle to bulge

    Oh great here we go again, so is he 205, 207 or 208cm?
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    Re: AFL Game Day R15 2019

    Far out Geelong shit me up the wall. The home ground advantage they get is just unfair for all other Victorian Clubs. I hate them so much!!
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    Re: Ash Browne's top 25

    Gawn hasn't been great this year. Still one of the league's better ruckman but not a 20 player
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    Re: WB Game Day V Collingwood R14 2019

    I think the reasons why Bevo won't do the switch-a-roo with Naughton/English/Trengove is because he's looking to the future, he's playing the long game. He has mentioned in his presser a few times...
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    Re: Our game plan / style / tactics are solid

    Schache and Naughton need to watch how Buddy goes about it. BT mentioned a few times the other night in his commentary (Sydney V Hawthorn), when buddy's team mates are lining up for goal he's still...
  36. Re: 3 things you have learned Rd 14 2019 v Collingwood.

    1. Collingwood didn't win it as nearly as much as we lost it. Take your 4 points and never speak of this game again Collingwood.

    2. We aren't that far off the pace. With some smart recruiting at...
  37. Re: WOOF Player Awards RD 14 2019 vs Collingwood

    4. Macrae
    3. Bont
    2. Daniel
    1. Dickson

    2. Lipinski
    1. Dunkley
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    Re: WB Game Day V Carlton R13 2019

    When the Bont kicked that goal the score were level with a minute to go from memory. That's what made it even more remarkable for a first year player.

    It's a great sign that we as supporters are...
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    Paddy was probably part of the reason that Trengove couldn't get game at Port in the end. I doubt he'd be endorsing Paddy Ryder to come to the dogs.
  40. Re: Always Right Match Committee Thread Round 14, Vs Collingwood

    Toby has been down on form from last year's efforts but I didn't think he was that bad that it warrants dropping him. He has probably not kicked enough goals I suppose but apart from that I thought...
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