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  1. Poll: Re: Oppo have kicked 4 in a row. At the next Centre Bounce, I want:

    I’m genuinely curious about the question of what Melbourne did in that circumstance - when it was us on a rampage (we all know when). Didn’t they go all out attack?
  2. Re: Always Right Match Committee Round 17 V Sydney At The SCG On Friday Night

    Williams has done well there. He didn’t play well in the backline, as he hadn’t earlier this year before the switch. He looked natural, and gave us something different on that wing. It feels unfair...
  3. Re: Always Right Match Committee Round 17 V Sydney At The SCG On Friday Night

    He’d be handy.
  4. Re: Welcome to the Western Bulldogs:- Josh Schache

    I think I jumped off the bandwagon last night. Before then I always argued that not everyone needs to be super aggressive -there’s a place for the guy with the adroit skills, someone who’s a lead,...
  5. Re: WB Game Day V Brisbane Lions R16 2022

    Flat sums it up. The concentration of injuries to our half back line - Daniel, Richards and Duryea - really hurt. Bailey Smith and Caleb Daniel were devastating in our one point thriller against them...
  6. Re: The 2022 free kick ladder after round 15

    I still see plenty they miss to us! :)
  7. Poll: Re: How many goals will Charlie Cameron kick this week?

    We would have said we’d lose to GWS if Greene kicked 7 wouldn’t we?

    Scott is the only match up I think. Please not Bailey Dale, for all his wonderful gifts close checking is not among them. Fond...
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    Re: MRO Thread

    Was Sicily lucky to only get fined for an incident that saw Jamarra lying on the ground out of play?
  9. Re: Why has there been a downturn in AFL crowds this season? Itís not just Covid to blame

    Is it really possible to think less of you GG? *ducks*

    I’m not just talking about the flashing lights, but the spotlights from the top deck. Maybe it depends on where you are sitting but we are on...
  10. Re: Why has there been a downturn in AFL crowds this season? Itís not just Covid to blame

    The lights were absolutely appalling last night. Worse than usual.

    I keep getting club emails about rating my match day experience but clearly no one reads them.

    Who needs that stupid mindless...
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    Sticky: Re: Player Contract Status

    Smith, easily. Breaks the lines, has speed, and far more upside than Dunkley.
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    Re: AFL Game Day R13 2022

    He has never played well against us. Thankfully.

    Lewy Young is another of those Bevo mysteries. I feel really disappointed that he didn’t have the opportunity to grow into a role with us.
  13. Re: Itís all falling apart for the Dees

    It's been publicly acknowledged by Melbourne that this is the case.
  14. Itís all falling apart for the Dees

    Two losses and then this. Could they implode?? We can hope, surelyÖ

    Article 1:

    Melbourne players Steven May and Jake Melksham have been slammed by the club after an incident at a posh Prahran...
  15. Re: It's probably just me, but this team is hard to love!

    I think I know where you’re coming from MJP. There was something so magical about 2016 that captured us all. There were young kids who just didn’t buy into our story of failure. There were veterans...
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    Re: MRO Thread

    There are morons everywhere on twitter including Barrett naturally, and idiots from GWS who have chosen to comment about “if this was Toby Greene…”
  17. Re: Bankers & Anchors: Rnd 12, 2022 vs Geelong

    It also means if he is sprawled on the ground awaiting a whistle he can’t compete or make a second effort
  18. Re: Always Right Match Committee Round 14 v GWS at Giant Stadium on Saturday Night

    Bevo said Gardner hurt his wrist so I think he may miss
  19. Re: The Moment: Rnd 12, 2022 vs Geelong

    Probably the free to Richards being called back to where he was poleaxed. We should have had a goal, instead our momentum spluttered and in the ensuing melee Baz gets reported ensuring a week of high...
  20. Re: Three things you've learnt. Round twelve v Geelong Marvel stadium 2022

    That was it, exactly. Cats were there for the taking. We looked better when we were four, five goals down, and could just go berserk. But as it got close, dumb footy ruled.

    I did not learn, but...
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    Re: WB Game Day V Geelong R12 2022

    They refuse to play Schache in that role. Instead we had Cody at his worst..unrealistic flying and staging. McNeil..invisible. McComb..battler, effort unquestioned.

    Our skills and decision making...
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    Re: WB Game Day V Geelong R12 2022

    We’ve seen this movie before. Again and again.
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    Re: WB Game Day V West Coast R11 2022

    Really enjoyed that one. We’ve had some fearful maulings over there. Could never have imagined one day we’d do the mauling. I loved that we put 4 quarters together - uncommon this year. When we go...
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    Re: AFL Game Day R11 2022

    For what its’s worth the twitter account “Has the umpire made a bad decision” run by a former anonymous umpire says it was definitely 50.
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    Re: Jordan Roughead

    I also remember Jordan taking a kid who had been homeless to the Brownlow. He has always been a beautiful person with a great heart. Whatever happened for him to consider retiring if he couldn’t...
  26. Re: AFL crowds slump to lowest levels in 26 years, excluding COVID seasons

    Marvel sent me a survey about my ďmatch day experience.Ē Ok, I thought, a chance to have my say. I answered the first few questions making clear my dislike of the noise, the screeching, the incessant...
  27. Re: The Moment: Rnd 10, 2022 vs Gold Coast

    Youíve obviously never seen early Bailey W.

    For me, the moment(s) involved our captain. I saw how gingerly he...
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    Re: Fixture 2022

    Wow, some tough matches, makes it clear how much we need the so-called “winnable” games such as tomorrow and how important it will be for our injured guys to come back healthy and fit.
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    Re: WB Game Day V Collingwood R9 2022

    On one of the Fox shows the question was raised if you can also “be dissented” :) if you’re upset about a non decision. E.g we execute a perfect tackle, as the ball slips free, the ump does not make...
  30. Re: Welcome to the Western Bulldogs - Luke Cleary

    Maybe he’s replacing Bailey W who’s been out of form?
  31. Re: Three things you've learned Round eight 2022 v Port

    1. Happy Days can always make me laugh.
    2. Bailey Williams would be playing twos if we didnít have such appalling injuries.
    3. This loss was explicable. The loss to Adelaide may be the one that...
  32. Re: Three things you've learned Round eight 2022 v Port

    Why doesn’t that ever happen? :mad:
  33. Re: WB Game Day V Port Adelaide R8 2022

    Our defence were really poor in the air tonight but maybe that is what happens when you have an ageing broken down jalopy of a ruckman who had no chance of getting back to help and mids who looked...
  34. Re: Port Adelaide: Level of Vengeance

    Desire for vengeance didn’t work too well for us in Round One.
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    Re: WB Game Day V Essendon R7 2022

    I didn’t think they got punished enough for the saga but I see a real connection between their current plight and what happened..and why it ever happened in the first place. Their arrogance plus...
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    Re: WB Game Day V Essendon R7 2022

    Ever seen the We are Essington account on YouTube? It’s hilarious. He/she splices footage of all the woeful mistakes in each game with quotes of what they claim to stand for, and music. A recent one...
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    Sticky: Re: Injury List - 2022

    Yes..indefinite surprised me though.
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    Sticky: Re: Injury List - 2022

    When did this become a thing?
  39. Re: Honest reflection and the path forward

    Being a bit closer to the action in Ballarat definitely showcased this issue for me. Our issue is not just personnel, it is the way we use them. Aaron Naughton so rarely gets quality delivery, Tex...
  40. Re: Bankers & Anchors: Rnd 5, 2022 vs North Melbourne

    To my mind he had an awful q1 in the GF and has not recovered. He is completely bereft of confidence. There were examples on Friday of him hesitating or taking a safe option. I do agree a run on the...
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