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  1. Re: WOOF Player Awards - RD 15 vs Hawthorn 2022

    4. Liberatore
    3. West
    2. Bontempelli
    1. Dale

    2. West
    1. Naughton
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    Re: List Managment thread (For 2022)

    And Lobbs manager has always been at the forefront of seeking out the best deal for Lobb - hes always recognised the interest and appeal of Lobb, and is happy to move him for more years and more...
  3. Re: Always Right Match Committee Round 12 v Geelong at Marvel on Friday Night

    Is it not more about how he seems team balance?

    He is going to play English in the ruck 70+% of the time so he'd rather have the running power and not carry someone as a backup ruck who cant make...
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    Re: Jordan Roughead

    Thanks for everything Jordan - you produced a legendary 2016 September and will always be a bulldog/bullgod

    From your early preseasons I thought you were going to be able to play ruck forward but...
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    Sticky: Re: Aflw 2022

    Are you suggesting I should once again complain about how we got no compensation for losing either Tony McGuinness and Kym Koster to Adelaide?
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    Sticky: Re: Aflw 2022

    Its certainly very disappointing to lose Toogood, Lochland, Gamble and Huntington

    Hopefully our investment in the draft over the past few years will help us cover these losses
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    Re: North Melbourne

    The Polec one might have been even worse
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    Re: List Managment thread (For 2022)

    I read it as: Prioritise me, or be prepared to lose me
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    Re: Leon Cameron Stepping Down

    He's been very good with the Giants

    His track record for me stands up pretty well - they haven't started the year that well, and clearly just want a new voice/coach

    But I think hes pretty good...
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    Re: Early Trade Rumours for 2022

    Is it all a signal about how aggressive Essendon are going to be in trying to improve?
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    Re: Priority Picks

    I know he's not a favourite of yours EW, but I dont like they we got little for him, and he played his career best footy at North

    I view it as a failing of us that we couldnt extract it from him...
  12. Re: Congratulations Dunkley on 100 Games

    Pretty close: 29 touches, 2 goals, 6 tackles
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    Re: Following our ex's...................

    If he doesnt get selected over the course of the season it will absolutely be time for Logue to leave
  14. Re: Welcome to the Westernbulldogs Stefan Martin

    Congratulations Stef - hope you and the team have a great game
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    Sticky: Re: Aflw 2022

    Disappointing outcome - number 1 pick and a rare talent in a key position player who can really mark it

    What will Izzy study in Sydney? anyone know?
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    Re: WB Game Day V Sydney Swans R3 2022

    Liked your post overall

    Felt like we outplayed Carlton for a lot of the game, and dominated the second half, they just were efficient when we made mistakes. Dominated Sydney just didnt put a big...
  17. Poll: Re: Rating our list 2021: Bailey Smith 06

    Elite for mine - sure he can continue to get better, but he's already elite in terms of running power, ball winning/finding ability and impact on games
  18. Re: Joe deal in limbo: AFL probes Brisbane's Daniher contract, rivals ask questions

    Smells like a rort
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    Re: WB Game Day V Melbourne R1 2022

    Bevos response wasnít his finest moment - however Caros call for a 100k fine is utterly deranged

    Football journalists are rarely or the Adele Ferguson, Sarah Ferguson standard

    Lots of them...
  20. Re: Always Right Match Committee Round One v Melbourne at the G

    We should be fair to Schache - he played 2 games in 2020 - rounds 5 & 6

    He then plays his first game in over a year in rnd 7 2021 V Richmond and wasnt great in a side that struggled and gets...
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    Re: WB Game Day V Melbourne R1 2022

    Its a cash grab - but your commitment is laudable and lets focus on that!
  22. Poll: Re: Richmond: Are they for real in 2022

    Has their midfield has expired? Cotchin looked like he had a big game or two left but couldnt stay glued together, Martin obviously got injured, Prestia was injured,MIA, Caddy even though not really...
  23. Poll: Re: Rating our list 2021: Anthony Scott 28

    I also voted him average but thought he had a super year considering he'd never had an opportunity at the level

    He is a clever decision maker, and has game sense/feel and I think he can improve...
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    Re: Practice Matches - 2022

    Just a young kid learning against senior bodies that have had 5+ pre seasons

    I viewed Marras game as completely natural for him as part of his learning curve - didnt get great delivery or...
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    Re: Practice Matches - 2022

    I'd say its still Work in progress - English showed some signs that our ruck combination will be better because he is better - I thought Martin was good and will only build up from there

  26. Re: ĎAre we f****en fair dinkumí (Simon Goodwin rant)

    Terrific post - The Roosy ego knows no boundaries
  27. Poll: Re: Rating our list 2021: Riley Garcia 38

    His read of the game and decision making showed glimpses of being the attributes that could separate him. He looked to have some of the footy nous when crumbing/roving/getting to the drop of the...
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    Re: Have they gone too Early

    Absolutely, Vander belongs on that list

    The piece stated the somewhat obvious - we've never had more key position forward potential on the list but its potential - and guarantees are few and far...
  29. Poll: Re: Rating our list 2021: Jordan Sweet 41

    Ruck is a very difficult position - there are some superstars who bring unique skillsets to the position, and then some very experienced, battle hardened veterans who are not easy to play against for...
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    Re: Hird joins GWS

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, however, is the Hird appointment just another orchestrated by Morrison designed to distract from his Governments management of COVID?

    Who's next?

    First it was...
  31. Re: AFLW Bulldogs confirm 2022 coaching panel

    Good call T&T - very good listen
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    Re: Player numbers for 2022

    The higher the number the more the badge of honour, also the closer to the senior core of the team in the locker room

    In terms of its history of the number, Id imagine he is just more focused on...
  33. Re: Pick a fringe player and predict his future in 2022

    Could Bhuku effectively replace Wood?

    He’s been in the system a few years, should have the tank and strength now to play - is he ready? Hard to tell after the last two years but he’s an...
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    Re: Tonights picks

    Turns out it was three eh?

    It is bloody difficult to keep a track of this stuff, and thats for those of us, who would acknowledge we spend far too much time thinking we are keeping track of it
  35. Re: Welcome to the Westernbulldogs - Cody Raak

    Gret to see him on the list, hope that the post Covid VFL environment can really help accelerate his development
  36. Re: Welcome to the Westernbulldogs - Charlie Parker

    Looks a good prospect
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    Tonights picks

    So we swapped picks a couple of times before nabbing Sam Darcy for points and downgrades

    We have #41 and #66 plus #89 that I gather we are unlikely to use/have a list spot for
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    Re: Assistant Coaches

    There might be a plan here for Dale Morris or someone like that to contribute
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    Re: Bulldogs Off Season Adventures

    Looks in ripping nick does Magic - likely has a spot in any bulldogs masters over 45 team
  40. Re: The official Sam Reid/Daniel Currie Memorial Eker Thread

    Congrats Tom Campbell

    Onto his third AFL club, he did also have the Bendigo/Essendon VFL stint before arriving at the dogs...
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