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    Re: Lets make the hard calls

    Originally Posted by LostDog
    I thought Bailey Smith ...Clearly on the gear
    He is a 20yo letting his hair down after playing every game, you are asserting that he was doing something illegal, where...
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    Re: Where's the pain ?

    To be exact I said "he isn't that good imo" not that he "wasn't that good". He had a free reign, a blank cheque and nobody was seemingly accountable for him, unbelievable in a GF. What was required...
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    Re: Where's the pain ?

    Having overcome all the obstacles placed in our way the Club can be proud of making it the the Grand Final. It was a wonderful effort to get there, 16 clubs didn't. Credit and thanks goes to everyone...
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    Re: WOOF 2021 Grand Final MVP

    5. Bontempelli
    4. Daniel
    3. Treloar
    2. Duryea
    1. Roarke Smith
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    Re: Who's going to the big dance?

    I will be at Optus on Saturday with great appreciation and thanks to Merantau and his wife for their amazing generosity in sending me their barcodes. I wish they were going too to share in the Dogs...
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    Re: We are in the Grand final 2021 edition

    Out of quarantine yesterday the Dogs hit the surf on a sunny day at Cottesloe beach.
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    Re: Feelings of Winning or Losing

    We have come so far, we have overcome all obstacles, we have traversed the continent, we have coped with the Gabba timekeepers error which should not have sent us to Tasmania in 5th place, we have...
  8. Re: Who does your family support and how did you come to support the Bulldogs

    There is our No'1 draft pick in 2036 !
  9. Re: Bankers & Anchors: Preliminary Final, 2021 vs Port Adelaide


    Other than the champs, the lesser lights in Hannan, Gardner and Cordy. I have been critical of them but have to give them due credit for excellent games tonight.
    Stef Martin, welcome...
  10. Re: Three things you've learned finals week three 2021 v Port Adelaide

    1. This team, this Club is unstoppable whatever ridiculous hurdles are placed in our way.
    2. The idiots in the SA Health actually galvanized us by taking no notice of negative tests conducted in WA...
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    Re: WOOF 2021 Finals Series MVP week 3

    4. Jackson Macrae
    3. Bailey Smith
    2. Bailey Williams
    1. Josh Dunkley
  12. Re: Port Adelaide V Western Bulldogs - 2nd Preliminary Final 2021

    Dogs by 14
    First goal Naughton
    bog Jack Macrae

    It will be a win against all odds, a win for the ages, GO DOGS !
  13. Re: Are we now the fan favourites ‘outsiders’ the media will make darlings

    And then we are going to completely *!*!*!*! Port like they've never been *!*!*!*!ed before. In front of their dead shit, hopeless and dreadful song singing fans (it's not because of socio-economics...
  14. Re: Bankers & Anchors: Semi Final, 2021 vs Brisbane

    Jack Macrae, never waivered with his determination and skill from the first bounce.
    Bailey Smith, the 20yo had a great game and sealed it for us with a brilliant left foot goal.
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    Re: WOOF 2021 Finals Series MVP week 2

    Same for me, that's a good summary imo. I would just add apologies to Tom Liberatore.
  16. Re: Always Right Match Committee - Finals Week 3

    JJ might come in if Weightman is out with a concussion. Cordy v Ladhams, Marshall, Dixon, Georgiades etc, I think not.
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    Re: The Moment: Semi Final, 2021 vs Brisbane

    Hannan wins the contest, handballs to Bailey Smith who slots it on his left foot !
  18. Re: Welcome to the Western Bulldogs: Mitch Hannan

    Imo Hannan has shown some improvement but I am still not convinced.
  19. Re: Clayton Oliver vs Marcus Bontempelli vs Ollie Wines vs Jack Steele

    Over their careers thus far Bontempelli is ahead of them all, he has a premiership medallion and plays this year with the added responsibility of the captaincy.
  20. Re: R. Smith is just a reliable player who should be IN every week.

    Yes Roarke is doing really well however comparing him to Daniel Chick is almost an insult. The onfield Chick was an absolute sniper who I saw hit Brad Johnson way off the ball at Subiaco. And his...
  21. Re: Always Right Match Committee Semi Final vs Brisbane 2021

    Rich is their go to man every time, shutting him down would go a long way towards winning.
  22. Re: Brisbane Lions V Western Bulldogs - 2021 1st Semi Final

    Lets give last week's Gabba timekeepers the big A for starters.
  23. Re: Semi Final vs Brisbane 2021

    Anyone who played today would be very unlucky to be dropped.
  24. Re: Bankers & Anchors: Elimination Final 2021, vs Essendon

    Cody Weightman
    Aaron Naughton
    Any airline willing to fly the Essendon team and their feral supporters back to wherever they came from.

    Brayshaw is Essendon centric and NACA....
  25. Re: Three things you've learned finals week one 2021 v Essendon

    1. Treloar and Dunkley getting better by the week.
    2. Alex Keath is a very good defender (Dixon 0-0, 2MP 0-0), well supported by Williams, Dale, Duryea and (today) Wood.
    3. Young and Schache earned...
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    Re: WOOF 2021 Finals Series MVP

    4. Bailey Dale, 711m gained from half back for the All Australian on a wet cold day.
    3. Jack Macrae, back to his absolute best.
    2. Tom Liberatore, the best in and under competitor in the comp.
  27. Re: The Moment: Elimination Final, 2021 vs Essendon

    Roarke Smith won a one on one, handballed to Duryea, Roarke Smith blocked, Duryea to Schache, goal.
  28. Re: Always Right Match Committee - Finals Week 1

    So we just lie down and ignore clear errors that affect our Club without saying anything ? None of Irene Chatfield, Susan Alberti, David Smorgon and Peter Gordon would have been neither obseqious nor...
  29. Re: Always Right Match Committee - Finals Week 1

    "24 seconds went missing" is what has been reported here in Perth. This has been blithely (and conveniently) swept under the carpet. Our Club should have immediately demanded an AFL investigation. It...
  30. Re: Always Right Match Committee - Finals Week 1

    Martin, Richards, Wallis

    Cordy, JJ, Wood

    (The MC's mantra is however don't change a losing team).
  31. Re: Three things you've learned Round twenty-three 2021 V Port Adelaide

    Having watched the last 1/4 of Eagles v Brisbane.... Brisbane simply gifted top 4 by home crowd decisions.
  32. Re: Bankers & Anchors: Rnd 23, 2021 vs Port Adelaide

    Alex Keath (Dixon 0-0)
    Lachie Hunter
    Roarke Smith

    The MC who continue to select JJ, Cordy and Wood despite their form NOT warranting it. No wonder we are cruelling our chances...
  33. Re: WOOF Player Awards 2021 - R23 Dogs vs Port Power

    same for me
  34. Re: Always Right Match Committee Round 23 Vs Port Adelaide 2021

    Surely we wouldn't drop Hannan or Cordy ?
  35. Re: WOOF Player Awards 2021 - R22 Dogs vs Hawks

    4. Tom Liberatore
    3. Jack Macrae
    2. Bailey Dale
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    Re: WB Game Day V Hawthorn R22 2021

    Dogs by 35
    BOG Dale
    First goal Naughton (he kicks 4-7)
  37. Re: Three things you've learned Round twenty 2021 v Essendon

    I've just learned of course that we have dropped top spot due to carrying 8 passengers v Essendon and the stinking (non) goalkicking efforts of Naughton, Scott and Ugle-Hagan. Yes, angry..
  38. Re: Always Right Match Committee Round 22 Vs Hawthorn 2021

    JJ has been sub-standard for weeks imo.
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    Re: Can we still win it?

    If everyone buys in, yes. If we carry 7 or 8 passengers as happened yesterday we are no chance. That 7 or 8 need to refund yesterday's match payments.
  40. Re: Bankers & Anchors: Rnd 21, 2021 vs Essendon

    Bailey Williams, cool under pressure and rarely beaten.
    Lachie Hunter a consistent 4 1/4 game.
    Bont, tried to lift the team but they didn't respond.

    The injury to Bruce....
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