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    Re: WB Game Day V Carlton R13 2019

    I am hopeful we get back on track tonight.

    Dogs by 34
    First Goal- Gardner
    BOG Bont
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    Do you think we would want him for purely off-field, or look to give him a year or Rookie him maybe?
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    Re: AFL Game Day R13 2019

    The Crows are having a season that is like ours in many ways but almost a polar opposite in others.

    They lost the first few, we won the first few.

    They have been awful (probably worse than us)...
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    So you offer him four and more money (and a new fan base that will adore him just as much).

    You're right, it's pretty darn unlikely. But who knows... more time, more money, and the lure of a new...
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    Here is one that is high risk-high reward and perhaps a bit out of left field- Nic Natanui.

    He is a retstricted free agent and apparently WC have offered him 3 years on peanuts (after he has been...
  6. Re: Always Right Match Committee Thread Round 13, Vs Carlton

    He is the sort of player that I think we just hold onto forever because I am scared of what will happen if Collingwood get him for pick 75.
  7. Re: Our 2nd half of Season 2019 - what will happen?

    What this run home fixture does do is give us:

    1) Another shot at a few teams we should of/would have/could have beat

    2) A chance to beat up a few that we already have beaten

    3) A crack at a...
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    Re: AFL Game Day R12 2019

    What players said that?
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    Re: Jack Darling

    I would prefer we throw a Hail Mary whopping deal at Charlie Curnow than at Jack Darling.

    One plays for a club that has a premiership list (in his own state) and one plays for a club that has a...
  10. Re: Carlton have sacked their coach

    I saw quite a good tweet that was being shared around that went something along the lines of:

    Make Silvagni coach the rest of the year. He bought the groceries, lets see how he likes cooking with...
  11. Re: WB Game Day V West Coast R11 2019

    We shouldn't really fear this one as we might with a Subi game. The ground dimensions suit us being almost carbon to Marvel, the Eagles haven't been great at home, and with Gardner and a few...
  12. Re: AFL Game Day Round 10, 2019

    It’s late in the third at the G’ and it’s Melbourne 23 v GWS 75.

    Melbourne will slip below GC on percentage after this. Tanking for the mid season draft?
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    With the Boyd announcement, would we potentially be into Patton? Risky, but he might come relatively cheap.

    There was suggestions that the Hawks were sniffing around him, talk of another GWS...
  14. Re: Always Right Match Committee Thread Round 9, Vs Geelong

    I think an area that some might be overlooking is Hayes' running numbers and work rate. He certainly looks like he is doing some heavy lifting.

    Last weekend he ran:

    -14.4km in total (second for...
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    Re: AFL Game Day Round 8, 2019

    Ablett will be the headline of the week again after an almost identical hit to the one he got reported for last week. If anything, this one was later and he threw his forearm higher to get him in the...
  16. Re: WB Game Day V Brisbane Lions R8 2019

    Pretty surprised that the replacement wasn’t Lewis Young (with the extra flexibility of being able to switch Trengove and Young between ruck and the backline depending on how things are panning out).
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    Re: AFL Game Day Round 8, 2019

    Go on everyone, treat yourself...

    My favourite post in my favourite thread so far: “Thread needs more dumpster fire gifs” in the hilariously named “Never bring...
  18. Re: Footy clubs that are known as 'the bulldogs' or wear the red, white and blue

    Barossa (an amalgamation of Williamstown and Lyndoch in the Barossa/Gawler league)
    Central United (Amateurs)

    Plympton (Red, Black and white)
    Ingle Farm (Green and White)
  19. Re: Always Right Match Committee Thread Rd 8, Vs Brisbane Lions

    Do you think we will try Suckling at half forward again or spin the magnets? Not exactly a like for like.
  20. Re: Marvel Stadium match day experience

    The problem is Sydney have been using it for a few years.
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    Sticky: Re: MRO Thread

    Is this some late April Fools shenanigans? :confused:

    Usually it goes:

    Nobody bulldogs player- Deregister him and throw him in a pit of venomous snakes for life.
    Superstar Ablett type- "Hey,...
  22. Re: Marvel Stadium match day experience

    The weird thing is that it is a Sydney Swans home game ritual and they were playimg it at three quarter time versus the Swans. My mate turned to me and said “I reckon a Sydney official has high...
  23. Re: Always Right Match Committee Thread Rd 8, Vs Brisbane Lions

    Gowers might be taking a week off for the reverse headbutt.
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    Re: WB Game Day V Richmond R7 2019

    I’ll top that. I have never had football related dreams, but last night I dreamt that I was watching the game and we kicked the first goal (without any points first) and then followed it up with...
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    The cutoff for the mid-season draft nominations is today. An article below listing some of the players who have nominated.

    On a tangent, has anyone worked out why we decided to Rookie Khamis...
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    Gee, there really is quite a lot of quality young Dogs supporters on other lists at the moment. Coffield, Amartey, Xavier O'Hallaran, Ned McHenry, to name a few.

    I say get in all of their ears.
  27. Re: The Three Top KPPs In Three Drafts - All Bulldogs

    It’s time to employ a “squeaky wheel gets the grease” philosophy.

    Before playing these three forwards again we need to do the right thing by them and get our media department to make up a tape of...
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    Rumour has it Coffield cried when he found out the Saints were taking him a pick before our first selection. I don’t know if that is bs but it’s a nice story.

    I recall a lot of posters were keen...
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    Re: WB Game Day V Fremantle R6 2019

    Midfield to bounce back, Dogs by 20.
    First Goal- Hayes (just the good vibes we could do with to kick us off)
    BOG- Bont
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    They might be willing to give up on him, but I say don't even make it their decision. I would go hard for him and hopefully he sees more opportunity and a better contract (and a team that wants him...
  31. Re: How Sydney Stack went from being ignored in two drafts last year to cult hero status in four games

    Being that he was a supplementary signing (am I right in saying that would make him a rookie?), I wonder if he is worth pursuing should his outstanding form continue. He walks into most teams on...
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    I just read this article (there is also a radio interview via the link). Sounds like Tomlinson is likely to stay, but of course a lot can change. As Bulldogtragic mentioned, he is a restricted free...
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    Ha, glad you liked it. I wanted to emphasise the “Poach early, avoid the rush” angle of my thinking.

    That is a fair list of players. There are no doubt plenty more that haven’t worked out (we...
  34. Re: What I want to see Saturday night

    I wouldn’t be suprised if we go at less than 10% at that venue and don’t win one for years.

    We should do better at this ground than Subi (with it’s long, skinny dimensions) given that it is...
  35. Re: Shouldn't the Dogs be angrier with themselves?

    I would argue that he could be in the elite bracket and that we even saw that for most of 2015. I’d agree his output is good-average at best.

    Imagine Stringer if he was a great bloke and elite...
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    Re: Proactive Poaching

    Our lack of scalps at the end of 2016 (and losing Hamling to boot) is part of what inspired this thread.

    If you take a player like Fogarty (or Lipinski for us) they both landed at precisely where...
  37. Re: Always Right Match Committee R6, Vs Fremantle

    Not quite, it’s closer to Marvel-
    Optus is 165x130
    MCG is 161x138
    Marvel is 160x129
  38. Re: What I want to see Saturday night

    I guess if we are looking for some good news, it’s that we don’t have to play at Subi anymore. That ground, with it’s unique dimensions, was a pretty significant home ground advantage. At least the...
  39. Re: What I want to see Saturday night

    I suspect a lot of clubs records read like this. You have to win everywhere and all of that, but getting two games in WA and one in Geelong each year is pretty disadvantageous. The big Collingwood’s...
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    Re: Selection? What a cop out!!!

    I think this is part of the problem. I think we need a media pummelling the likes of which Essendon, Carlton, and Melbourne have all received so far this year. If it is complacent coaches that is...
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