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    Re: Morris ACL!!!!

    Morris was doing laps at the pool today with the rehab group while wearing a big brace on his leg which might have been a Zimmer.

    My source at the pool suggests that he had his legs stable while...
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    Re: Who remembers when THIS happened??

    I'll add my voice to the chorus of thanks for posting this.

    That moment did get me beginning to believe. And by the end of the game I was all in - I've never been a cocky fan (hard to be when...
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    Re: 3 Things I've learned Round 1 vs Swans 2019

    1. If we can bottle the contested ball (and pressure more generally), with an attacking game plan and precise disposal then we'll be ok.

    2. What I loved especially about Daniel's game was his...
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    Re: Morris ACL!!!!

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    Re: *** Release the NEGATIVITY ***

    A couple of quick points from someone who avoided watching yesterday's game.

    I think Dickson might be on a modified program - pretty sure I saw him running laps with Picken and someone else the...
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    Re: Welcome to the Bulldogs: Bailey Smith

    Thanks Chef,

    That little dive led me to this write-up from Knightmare in the middle of 2018 which contains some nice nuggets on both Smith and West (who he had as "moving into the top-10...
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    Re: Preseason Training - 2019

    Does anyone know when the men's pre-season camp on the Sunshine Coast is?

    My brother lives up there, and his son is very keen to see a bit of training.
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    Re: Welcome to the Bulldogs: Bailey Smith

    Can't believe we cut Laura Bailey this year. Someone needs to be in the gun for this lack of foresight.
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    Re: Vale Peter Box


    I used to play tennis against him in a Sunday social competition. Gruff man, still an excellent player in his 60s.

    Condolences to family and friends.
  10. Re: Wallis: "I'm certain I want to stay at the Bulldogs"

    I like Wallis a lot, but agree that there is uncertainty over whether he is best 22, partly because at the moment there's quite a sizeable difference between his best and worst, which he needs to...
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    Re: Post-flag plummet was always possible

    This thread was an interesting read from my perspective. For what it's worth, I think good points are being made on both (general) sides of the debate:

    1) Teams with a very young list generally...
  12. Re: The Moving-Rolling Delisting/Retiring/Trading Thread 2017

    I think this is part of it, but you also have to start somewhere - Hawthorn was known to be a very unfriendly environment (to put it mildly) for Indigenous players until Chance Bateman came to the...
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    Re: Dogs' tall problem: How many is too many?

    Didn't Adelaide show how going tall can lead to success - yes they lost the final game of the season, but I wouldn't say that renders their game-plan obsolete. Obviously we can't play all, but the...
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    Re: Josh Schache

    This is an interesting piece by Caroline Wilson that's primarily on a spat between the Tigers and Brisbane over the de-valuing of Schache's currency (she also takes some swings at us over Stringer...
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    Re: 2016 Grand Final Revisited

    I had him as BOG at the time, and a, ah, few replays have not changed my mind on this.
  16. Re: Match Committee - Round 21, 2017 vs GWS Giants

    I'm an advocate of Webb's, but I'm not sure that he's been handled that poorly. We're a young side, but still a pretty strong one, and Dunkley was doing some match-winning things before he went out...
  17. Re: Match Committee - Round 21, 2017 vs GWS Giants

    The problem for players like Webb is that they tend to come in and be given flanker roles where it is much harder to get a heap of the ball and clearly influence games. Lachy Hunter found it very...
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    Re: Welcome to the Bulldogs - Lewis Young

    Young has been fantastic - so much better than anyone could have reasonably expected. But I hope that he spends a heap of time working on his hand-passing in between seasons.

    Sometimes the pace...
  19. Re: This should be the last year for Murphy, MBoyd and Morris

    I've generally thought that Murphy wouldn't want to play on next year, but if he does, I'm in no hurry to move him on. He's been close to our best player in a number of games, can make our forward...
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    Re: Welcome to the Western Bulldogs: Matt Suckling

    Suckling is getting a bit of heat at the moment from some supporters, so I thought I'd defend him, at least a bit. As I've said before, we have an excess of half-back flankers (along with a shortage...
  21. Re: Three things I've learned-round 5 v Brisbane

    1. Dunkley's running is so impressive for someone so young. Not only does he excel at getting out the back, but he also generally makes the opposition pay. Two things however. He can still be a bit...
  22. Re: Three things I've learned-round 5 v Brisbane

    Going shithouse is way too harsh for mine. I think Libba is being asked to play a very different role to that which he played when he won the B&F. He's spending a fair bit of time up forward, often...
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    Re: Jackson Macrae

    Quite a few WOOFers were down on him at the start of last year, in part because his 'hurt' factor is sometimes hard to see. To some I think he brought back troubling memories of Sam Power, especially...
  24. Re: Match Committee - Round 2 2017 vs Sydney Swans

    It's going to be very interesting at the selection table for the next few weeks at least. Collingwood went relatively tall last night, but still smashed us in the contest, and all too often spreading...
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    Re: How Has Your Life Changed?

    I like to think of myself as a generous person, and so I'm very happy for other clubs to have a turn. Well, for another club to have a go. Maybe just once.

    After we've won 5 in a row that is.
  26. Re: Game Day AFL Finals Week 2 Semi Final - Hawthorn V Western Bulldogs

    I wasn't happy or that optimistic, but just before the piece of play to get him that shot I had commented that we were still right in it - the Hawks just seemed to be labouring and they reacted to...
  27. Re: Declan Hamilton - the forgotten Recruit - Can he make it

    I think the club always knew that Declan was going to need a bit more time to develop, but that he could be pretty special if given that time. He seems to have improved quite a bit in his 2nd season...
  28. Re: - Western Bulldogs' example for the common good. Andrew Hamilton | 11 October 2016

    I think he's quite explicit that this is an opinion piece about politics that uses our victory to make a point, and Eureka Street is a political website (that was once a magazine*), though not...
  29. Re: Travis Cloke - What role will he play in our team?

    Apart from the first two finals, our forward line functioned best this year when Redpath was roaming far and wide, as well as straightening us up with a target at the top of the 50.

    Cloke's got a...
  30. Thread: Chris Dawes?

    by Raw Toast

    Re: Chris Dawes?

    Who was the fool who started this thread all those years ago? Disjointed ramblings of someone who'd never had the pleasure of his club winning a flag I guess.
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    Re: The Moving Rolling De-Listing/Trading Thread 2016

    Ugh, double post

    I'll note that I would have been very happy to keep both Hrovat and Stevens, but both know that they should be able to get better opportunities elsewhere and have requested to go....
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    Re: The Moving Rolling De-Listing/Trading Thread 2016

    Geez trading period is immensely frustrating, isn't it - all the hope and agony of footy without any actual games to go and barrack at and see something actually happen.

    We hear names, dream of...
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    Re: Players On The Market 2016

    The Cats are banking on finishing at least 4th in 2017 which is reasonable I think - then (as Mitch Cleary tweeted) it's effectively Tuohy+15 for Smedts + the 2017 Carlton second rounder which might...
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    Re: Bye to Stay before Finals.

    There's a push from some people for the Brownlow to be shifted to the Sunday evening of the bye - I quite like that idea myself.
  35. Re: Half Way Through The Trade Period - Where Are We Headed?

    Delidio offers us run and precise kicking, both of which are vital to our game - we suffered this year when our good to elite kicks were out of the side and there was a period where Caleb Daniel was...
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    Re: Players On The Market 2016

    Indeed. From my perspective this is huge mismanagement by the Hawks. Lewis and Mitchell (and others) seem to have been playing on unders and taking pay-cuts to help the Hawks stay on top, and now...
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    Re: The Case for Recruiting Mitch Brown?

    Not against taking Brown actually - Beveridge has a very good record at taking people who are not rated that highly and turning them into more than decent defenders within his team-defence system....
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    Re: Assistant Coaches for 2017

    It's pretty traditional I think to switch the assistant coaching tasks around - not only does it help them stay interested, it also helps them learn new skills that assist in developing their future...
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    Re: The Moving Rolling De-Listing/Trading Thread 2016

    The HUN is reporting that Hamling has a 3 year offer from us as well as from Freo that he will consider over the weekend - no details, presumably the Freo offer is still for more coin, but hopefully...
  40. Re: HS - Western Bulldogs finals campaign will go down as the most magical in AFL history. SAM EDMUND,October 9, 20

    I'd heard it mentioned, but hadn't realised that it was Cameron who complained - just goes to show how disconcerted he was, which must have affected the GWS players a bit as well.

    (That said, I...
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