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    AFL Women's: Marquee model faces axe in 2018

    The list size of AFL Women's clubs will increase by three and the marquee concept is likely to be scuttled under plans outlined to players on Tuesday.

    The AFL and AFL Players Association have worked closely on tinkering with list management issues after a successful first season.

    In a note to players, the AFLPA also said pay conditions continued to be negotiated, with the nine-hour rule a key point of debate.

    "Players will continue to be paid in three tiers based on the tiers agreed between the AFL and the AFLPA prior to the 2017 season, with the same number of spots available at each tier," the note said

    "While the AFL and AFLPA have agreed to salary levels for the 2018 season, we have agreed to these figures on the basis that there is no increase to your contractual obligations. If clubs require more than the contracted nine hours per week as they did this year then we believe the contract (and player salaries) should reflect that increase."

    Clubs nominated two marquee players this season, who attracted the highest salary. But the marquee model is likely to be scrapped in favour of ambassadorial positions that are used in the AFL.

    "While the marquee player concept is unlikely to continue, there will be ongoing investment by the AFL in ambassadorial roles that provide an additional payment to players," the note said.

    Marquee players were paid $27,000 this season, the next tier of players $12,000 and the remaining listed players $8500.

    The primary list will increase from 25 to 27 next season and the number of rookies allowed will jump by one to three. Rookie-listed players will only be able to play if upgraded to the primary list due to injury.

    There will be a sign-and-trade period between May 1 and 19, with trades to be agreed by clubs and players.

    Players who opt not to re-sign with their club, cannot secure a trade and are ineligible for free agency must nominate for the draft. Free agency will run from May 20 to 26. There will be unrestricted (players who are not offered a spot) and restricted (players offered a spot but at a lower payment) free agents.

    The AFLW primary and rookie drafts will be held on October 18, with pre-season training beginning on November 13.

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    Re: AFL Women's: Marquee model faces axe in 2018

    There will be a sign-and-trade period between May 1 and 19, with trades to be agreed by clubs and players.
    Lets get Moana Hope.

    We might need to bring BT in on this one. His strike rate with full forwards is 100%.
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