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    Luke Beveridge disturbed by push for rolling one-year contracts for AFL coaches

    PREMIERSHIP coach Luke Beveridge is disturbed by the push for rolling one-year deals for AFL senior and assistant coaches from a growing number of clubs, including Collingwood, saying it is detrimental to the people-management philosophies he holds dear.

    Beveridge expressed surprise the AFL Coaches Association would endorse a radical rethink on coaching contracts, saying the practice “flies in the face” of what the Western Bulldogs want for their football staff.

    He also fears future coaches could be lost to the game, saying candidates may no longer be willing to take the risk with little or no job security in an already volatile industry.

    “I’ve spoken to them (the AFL Coaches Association) and they know exactly what we do (at the Bulldogs),” Beveridge told the Herald Sun.

    “So I find it really surprising there is commentary around all clubs trying to go that way, because all clubs aren’t trying to do that. We are taking it a completely different pathway.”

    On Thursday, the Herald Sun revealed the AFL’s football department cap had resulted in the Magpies and several clubs seeking rolling one-year deals to end the prospect of big payouts for sacked coaches.

    “We don’t believe in it,” Beveridge said when asked about the strategy. “It absolutely disturbs me ... (coaches) have mortgages, they have families, they have young children. There is also the fact these are niche jobs.

    “We are not lawyers or accountants or doctors, or builders or electricians, where if we get moved on, we can go and earn a similar wage somewhere else. Once you get moved on, there is a fair chance there is nothing for you, and you have to go and take on a totally different vocation.

    “The coaches’ wages recognises the volatility in the industry, that’s why coaches get paid a premium because there is such uncertainty around your future. So there needs to be support and security for them.”

    He fears for what might happen to coaches across the competition if more clubs push for one-year deals, saying it is not fair to people who invest themselves so heavily into club programs.

    Beveridge is under contract with the Bulldogs until the end of the 2020 season, but he and the club have ensured his assistant coaches have also been locked into two and three-year deals, or are in the process of doing so.

    “Our club recognises it is not just about me, but our (entire) coaching panel and conditioning staff who we have tried to sign on long-term contracts,” he said.

    “Ours is mostly a people management issue.

    “Our coaches need peace of mind and certainty in their family lives, in their planning for the future. We don’t want them planning for a holiday at Christmas time early in the year and then not knowing if they will still have a job the following year.

    “It is about valuing what they provide for us and making sure their commitment is being recognised.”

    Beveridge — the AFLCA Coach of the Year for the past two years and the man who helped break a 62-year premiership drought for the Bulldogs — said the loyalty would almost certainly be reciprocated from the coaches, if their job security is protected.

    He also said that would also help in any succession planning for the future.

    “We want to make sure we keep our good people,” Beveridge said. “Ultimately, they will pay you back with their loyalty because they know you have been loyal to them.”

    “And if a senior coach is moved on at some stage, then at least the majority of the (coaching) panel is still there to provide some continuity to the playing group.”

    Beveridge inherited his coaching panel when he came to the club in late 2014, and maintains their connection to the players helped a quick turnaround of the club’s fortunes.

    The Bulldogs’ philosophy, which Beveridge worked on with former football manager Graham Lowe, has been validated by Lowe’s replacement, Chris Maple, and director of football Chris Grant.

    The Western Bulldogs’ board have also endorsed the club’s commitment to give the football department security of tenure in terms of their contracts

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    Re: Luke Beveridge disturbed by push for rolling one-year contracts for AFL coaches

    Gee we are lucky to have him. He is just one of those people that you have to listen to

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