WESTERN Bulldogs president Peter Gordon predicts a list management "revolution" when the soon-to-be-finalised collective bargaining agreement takes effect.

As part of the new deal, the AFL is tipped to approve a single-year 20 per cent pay hike, which would see the salary cap jump from the current $10.37 million to more than $12 million for the first time.

Gordon said the salary cap boost could have "major disruptions" for clubs, similar to those experienced during the introduction of expansion teams Greater Western Sydney and Gold Coast.

He added the new CBA could usher in a new age of player movement.

"I think we are going to see a real revolution in the way lists are managed which, in my view, may rival the sort of disruptions to the competition and list management systems that the introduction that GWS and the Suns brought about," Gordon told SEN radio on Saturday.

"Every single club in the competition is thinking, 'Hang on, we've got two to three million dollars that I can play with here'.

"These days when people talk about North Melbourne trying to acquire Josh Kelly and Dustin Martin, it's with the view that they can do that and catapult themselves into premiership considers.

"Maybe we're going to see more than one club do that. Maybe we're in for a period where we are going to see more uncertainty and major disruptions to lists both ways than we've ever seen before."