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    Re: Dahlís obscure record

    Quote Originally Posted by Mofra View Post
    Johnno had about 4 bounces in 15m once, when he was concussed after a hit. He fell over with the ball in hand and had to be helped off the field.

    One of my highlights of the Rhode era was playing against a Freo in a near-empty Etihad stadium, Peter Street took (I think his only career) bounce and everyone there erupted like he'd kicked goal of the year!
    You'll love this Mof:

    According to Streeta had 13 career bounces in his career.

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    Re: Dahlís obscure record

    Quote Originally Posted by Mofra View Post
    Seriously? Do you know what was behind that?
    We had been to a market research thing and the pay off was being given a pass to the rooms before a game and it happened to be the Freo game. No one asked us to exit the official area you walk into as soon as you leave the rooms so I plonked us down directly behind the trainers. Harrison went for the first contest of the day by flapping one handed at it and the old trainer sitting in front of me called him out on it.

    He didn't exactly mumble it to himself either.
    AFLW Premiers 2018

    After speaking to Obie for about fourty-five minutes on the telephone we
    Finally arrived at the truth of the matter and said that we had to go down
    And pick up the garbage, and also had to go down and speak to him at the
    Police officer's station. So we got in the red vw microbus with the
    Shovels and rakes and implements of destruction and headed on toward the
    Police officer's station.

    Now friends, there was only one or two things that Obie coulda done at
    The police station, and the first was he could have given us a medal for
    Being so brave and honest on the telephone, which wasn't very likely, and
    We didn't expect it, and the other thing was he could have bawled us out
    And told us never to be seen driving garbage around the vicinity again,
    Which is what we expected, but when we got to the police officer's station
    There was a third possibility that we hadn't even counted upon, and we was
    Both immediately arrested. Handcuffed. And I said "Obie, I don't think I
    Can pick up the garbage with these handcuffs on. " He said, "Shut up, kid.
    Get in the back of the patrol car. "

    Arlo Guthrie


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    Re: Dahlís obscure record

    yeah Farren Ray. GUILTY!

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