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    Re: Clay Smith calls time on career

    Quote Originally Posted by bulldogtragic View Post

    Cmon man. Know your own premiership key word!
    Thankyou for keeping me on my toes. Awesome work.
    "It's over. It's all over."

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    Re: Clay Smith calls time on career

    Thanks Clay.

    Won't forget your efforts to help us win the flag... A brilliant performance against GWS and 2 crucial goals against Hawthorn when we needed them. You were part of an extremely special month of footy.. something to look back fondly on.

    Hope the issues with your knee doesn't stop you from have an active life moving forward... all the best.

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    Re: Clay Smith calls time on career

    They say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone - except in this case.

    We as members, supporters and bulldog faithful all know what we are losing, how much of a gap will be left out on the ground without Clay Smith in the #14.

    The players - his teammates- his brothers also know how much of a hole out on the ground and in the locker room will be left without him.

    Clay Smith lived and breathed the moto Cede Nullis.

    Good Luck Clay, and Go Well.
    They come after one,
    They come after all,
    They can't handle all,
    Lets go....

    Bob Murphy

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    Re: Clay Smith calls time on career

    Love the symmetry of Clay Smith and his no 14 jumper becoming a pivotal part of our flag, the same jumper number that Callan Ward walked away from. The same Callan Ward who netted us a compensation pick used on Jackson Macrae, who kicked the winning goal against GWS in the PF and like Smith also became a premiership hero a week later. And of course one of the signature plays of the PF was Clay Smith going lower and harder than our previous captain who walked out on our club, clearing a path for a critical goal.

    There's a very good chance both Ward and Griffen will never become premiership players, while Smith and Macrae will forever be etched in premiership folklore.
    "You've got no fear of The Underdog, that's why you will not survive"
    - Spoon, 2007
    - Western Bulldogs, 2016

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    Re: Clay Smith calls time on career

    So sad to see Clay go. Saw his first game where he kicked 4 goals and that horrific full body cramp. Thought to myself here is a 200 gamer for us. Wasn't to be. A true beast, who without him we wouldn't have won that on so important prelim. Kept the score ticking over. Will be sorely missed. His absence has been definitely one of the factors why we have dropped down the ladder since 2016.

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