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    Re: Mitch Wallis turns his back on free agency to sign long-term deal with Western Bulldogs

    Quote Originally Posted by bornadog View Post
    I think Mitch has been excellent the first two weeks of this season. He seems to have changed his body shape a bit and is better on the spread.

    He was good on Sunday with 29 disposals, 5 centre clearances and a nice goal.
    That's great going. Watching him and Libba hunt together is pure pleasure. The average player only gets 65 games. Each game day is precious. When players publicly come out and say they do not want to be anywhere else, it is good for us on many levels.
    "We've got to be good in the phone box, and good in the tardis" - Pearls of wisdom from Luke Beveridge.

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    Re: Mitch Wallis turns his back on free agency to sign long-term deal with Western Bulldogs

    Quote Originally Posted by Mofra View Post
    Essendon courted Wallis and used their connections with Steve, they know he'd be perfect for them.

    After two years of 'winning trade week' they are stone motherless last with no first round pick this year. Mitch dodged a bullet.
    I still don't understand why Essendon recruited the players they did over the last couple of years. I said it at the time and the problem is even more blatant now. Why they went for 'cherry on top' players when they had no cake to put them on is a mystery.

    Still they won trade week and that's all that matters. Did their membership numbers get a dead cat bounce after? It's all I can think.
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