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But it is a chicken or the egg argument in my opinion. Is it a case of “not a good forward” or are his positioning and timing etc. out because he is so heavily impeded?

I tend to think it is the latter (and lack of opportunity to grow and work through it via forward minutes). I think he needs consistent time in the forward line to try to work through it and maybe we need to jump around to the umpires boss with some edits ala Clarkson.
One of the things I see about Tom in the forward line is we give him no chance as he is always crowded by lots of opposition players around him. How does that happen?

When was the last time you remember a completely open forward line with Tom one out with his opponent?

We move the ball so slowly sometimes, giving the opposition lots of time to run back and flood which means our forwards don't get a chance. We then proceed to just bomb the ball in and none of the forwards have a chance.

I would like to see quicker ball movement and some precise passing into the forward line. I want to see Boyd leading out and being hit on the chest, and if a spoil comes then some small guys mopping up.

If we do have a flooded forward line, then it is time Boyd used his big frame.