We could kick start it by drafting a few of them. But if we are to make our club a football home for indigenous players then we had better make sure we make them feel at home when they get here and not isolated. So our support systems need to be in place.

I'm all for it. This year's draft has some very talented indigenous players. I'd be delighted, for example, if we used one of our top picks on Elijah Taylor and traded for Jack Martin. Add Jamarra Ugle-Hagen next year & we will have created a potentially lethal forward line in a couple of years. I mentioned in another thread I think Ryder from Port on a 2 year deal would be worth considering to bolster our thin ruck stocks. So there are no excuses for us as the opportunities are easily there.

I'm glad to see the club is recognising this but they must do it properly and not just a token effort.