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    The 2020 Rolling Draft Points 'Gap' Thread

    So we exchanged our 2nd and The Cows 3rd. This will obviously create a small 'gap' in points. The smaller the gap, the less we have given up and the better the trade gets.

    So I will keep tabs on this through next year. And I will start with some conservative assumptions, and not factoring in any free agency compo at the end of second round. Say the Western Bulldogs win one final, finishing 5th with better percentage. The Cows finishing between 14th or 15th (they finished 11th this year, are now rebuilding whilst losing head and other coaches, Keath, Greenwood, Betts, Jacobs, Ellis-Yolmen, Jenkins, Otten, Douglas).

    1. Dogs 5th (Pick 31), Cows 15th (Pick 40 - 177 draft points gap), Cows 14th (Pick 41 - 194 draft points gap)
    = 177 points is equivalent to Pick 58. 194 draft points equivalent to Pick 56.

    Say the dogs won two final finishing 4th.

    2. Dogs 4th (Pick 32), Cows 15th (Pick 40 - 155 draft points gap), Cows 14th (Pick 41 - 172 draft points gap)
    = 155 points is equivalent to Pick 60. 138 draft points equivalent to Pick 58.

    These are merely hypothetical right now and could widen or shorten if we do really well next year, or if Adelaide surprise everyone next year. But if we can keep the gap under 200 points (Pick 56) and hopefully trade a fringe player for something between 56-64 next year, then we most likely won't notice it. With a lot of clubs not rating the mid-to-late draft next year we might just score a fourth rounder for a fringe player and recover the 'gap'. So right now these are just to illustrate the gap and the want to root against Adelaide every game.

    Edit: Because we are all about the DVI next year, that makes the Keath trade Pick 45 & future Pick 56-60 on the above as it related to us.
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    Re: The 2020 Rolling Draft Points 'Gap' Thread

    Thread stuck

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