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    Dude, Sweet: Jordon finds his ride


    It’s been a longer journey to the main event than Jordon Sweet perhaps expected.

    But now that he’s reached his destination, he’s been able to appreciate the ride there.

    The rookie ruckman has done it the hard way.

    Overlooked on draft night originally, the South Australian won a SANFL premiership with North Adelaide before getting the call-up from the Western Bulldogs.

    A one-year rookie deal, with no guarantees.

    The debut didn’t come in 2019, but the promise of another year on the list did. The debut didn’t come that year either.

    But just as Sweet was perhaps wondering if it an AFL debut would come, with the rising stocks of Tim English and the recruitment of veteran Stefan Martin, it did.

    The now 23-year-old finally got his chance in round five against the Gold Coast Suns, tasting a win in his first game at the level.

    With both Martin and English sidelined the past fortnight, he’s stepped back into the team – and stepped up – in big wins against Carlton and Port Adelaide.

    “I’m enjoying it, every week’s a new challenge,” Sweet told

    “There’s been so many learning curves.

    “My first year, coming in as a sort of mature-aged player, a 20-year-old, thinking I could play games. But I probably wasn’t really ready.

    “My second year, the hub was different… I just wanted a chance.

    “It was tough, but I had to bide my time and I learned a lot.”

    When Sweet got his chance this year, he knew he was ready.

    And while he knew he may have to bide his time with Martin coming in, it was the opportunity to work with the former Melbourne and Brisbane Lions ruckman that had him feeling well-equipped to play AFL football.

    “Picking up Stef at the end of the year… he’s taught me so much already,” Sweet said.

    “In the pre-season, his hunt after stoppages was unreal. He’s incredible.

    “Us three try to get together as much as we can, scope out who we’re playing against. How to try to expose them.

    “Stef’s been great, he’s someone I can lean on and he’s really helping me which I’m very grateful for.”

    Sweet’s journey came almost full circle on the weekend.

    He grew up a Power supporter – and competed with their ruckman, Pete Ladhams, at every step along their junior pathway.

    Only a couple of years ago, he’d have been in the stands at Adelaide Oval, with a scarf stretched above his head singing along to INXS classic, Never Tear Us Apart.

    “It was very nerve-wracking, running out at home,” Sweet said.

    “But it was great. I probably didn’t really take it in as well as I should have.

    “I didn’t look around, but I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I was too focused on the game to soak it in.”

    That focus has been well-received by his teammates and coaches.

    “We’ve been really happy with Jordon,” senior coach Luke Beveridge said, earlier this week.

    “He’s only three games into his career now, and he was a bit unlucky to go out of the team after the Gold Coast game earlier in the year, he did well.

    “The last couple of weeks he’s performed extremely well for us, in his capacity as a three-game player.

    “He’s doing similar things to what Stef was doing at the start of the year, providing us some predictability and that’s what we’re always after. It just gives us that stability we probably haven’t had in the past.”

    Surrounded by a star-studded midfield group, it’s Jack Macrae who’s helped Sweet feel at home quickly.

    The two-time All Australian has been known to keep a low profile, but has been only too happy to help.

    “’Nator’ is giving me plenty, which is great… it’s very rare, so I’m taking every bit of it,” Sweet said.

    “He’s a good friend, he’s been very supportive. On the field, he’s always trying to pump me up, he’s my number one supporter I reckon… he’s even gone past Juliet, my girlfriend.”

    His confidence is growing at the level week by week.

    But Sweet says for him it’s about sticking to the basics.

    “Keep it simple, have fun,” he said.

    “(It’s about) helping my teammates and being someone they love playing with.”

    And if Sweet can keep doing that, maybe this is just the start of his journey, and the best part of the ride is still to come.
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    Re: Dude, Sweet: Jordon finds his ride

    And has a good twitch stream according to 'roaming Talyor Duryea.'

    Congratulations Sweety.
    "We've got to be good in the phone box, and good in the tardis" - Pearls of wisdom from Luke Beveridge.

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    Re: Dude, Sweet: Jordon finds his ride

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost Dog View Post
    And has a good twitch stream according to 'roaming Talyor Duryea.'

    Congratulations Sweety.
    Did you just call BAD Sweety?

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    Re: Dude, Sweet: Jordon finds his ride

    What does mine say- Dude!
    What about mine- Sweet!

    Love it!!

    For those who don't know what I'm on about, its a quote from the movie "Dude where's my car". That's what the title of the article is alluding to
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    Re: Dude, Sweet: Jordon finds his ride

    Quote Originally Posted by Axe Man View Post
    Did you just call BAD Sweety?
    This is getting like the early '80s when Terry Love was playing with us. Standing in the outer and yelling "good effort Love" would get some funny looks.
    Our *three* weapons are fear, and surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.... Our *four* *Amongst* our weapons.... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise.... I'll come in again

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    Re: Dude, Sweet: Jordon finds his ride

    What’s the genesis of Macrae being called “Nator”?

    Terminator? Haven’t heard it before.

    Men of Mayhem

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