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I think I'm more, he's cheapening his experience by going to the courts. It's implying that money can fix what happened

I was kind of with him going to the media, you need to shine a light on these things to ensure systemic issues are addressed and victims are comfortable speaking out, but going to the courts after the club publically apologised feels like a gotcha

Everyone deals with trauma differently, some are private some are public, some will never drive again after a car crash and some want to get back on the horse and move on. He obviously feels like the time is right to speak up, I guess I'm just putting myself in Ameet's shoes where he is being held accountable for the distant past and has had to switch gears from a heartfelt apology to a corporate no comment
Everyone has to put themselves in the victim's shoes. You're indirectly (or maybe even directly) victim blaming. No-one is blaming today's administration anymore than Aboriginal people are blaming you for the genocide that occurred 200 years ago.

The thing with deep trauma such as this is that most people are emotionally shattered their entire lives. Most sexual trauma victims never find the strength to deal with this. It's clear in 1993 that Adam was not the one who came forward and I applaud Adam for having the courage and strength to face this. It must be extremely difficult and it's not until now, at the age of 49, that he's finally in a place to deal with it.

Can you imagine the pain Adam is going to be faced with during the court case having to rehash all of the terrible things that were done to him? Adam needs to do this to move on with his life because I guarantee you it's been an absolute emotional shit fight for him up until now. Showing amazing courage.

One thing that might save the club financially is that Greg was a volunteer and not an employee. However, we need to hear Adam's story, everyone does. The more we hear about these traumatic events the better we get as a community to help ensure they do not happen again. I coach my daughter's AFL team and the hoops I had to jump through to be a volunteer coach were full-on, which is a good thing.

Our knowledge of how to be better has only come about because of the courage and strength of the victims.