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What about an alternate take?

- Talented list
- Made GF last year
- We care for our players so gave Hunter so much support
- Strong leadership was shown when he didn’t live up to his side, and when Dunkley also had to go.
- Strong leadership was shown 2 years ago when Dunks was (reportedly) offered $800k per year by Essington (IE: maybe he just wanted to get big bucks… not “wanted out”?)
- We had a down year but have addressed, at least to some degree, our structural issues
- Who could’ve predicted Keath would play like a 60yr old this season?
- Bont was inured since Rd 1

I think the questions need to be asked but last I heard this group aren’t punching each other at the restaurant. Or are they? I don’t hear rumours apart from mainstream media and to be honest, most of the “rumours” sound a bit “meh”.

Do we have enough “mongrel” and “never say die” in the squad? Dunno. I reckon you put Morris and M Boyd into our squad and you don’t catch us for a few years. We aren’t far off.
Some positivity, I like it