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Now that we are in danger of potentially not adding another premiership in the near future, in hindsight I really don't like history forever documenting Bob Murphy raising the 2016 premiership cup alongside Easton Wood. That was an iconic, historic moment that should have been between senior coach and captain on the day (and majority of the season). It was Bevo's moment and Bob was all too eager to remain on the podium with Easton.

I know Bevo initiated it but Bob should have read the room and quietly exited stage left to allow Bevo his moment to raise the cup with Easton. Bevo already brought Bob to the podium and acknowledged his significant contribution in his speech - IMO Bob didn't deserve the additional "me time" of holding the cup aloft, which to be frank he had very little to do with on-field throughout the season (and nothing to do with on GF day).

I know I'm shooting Bambi but the thread is called "Unpolular Takes"
Woah there! I had an instant “ you’re kidding ?!! “ reaction, but in the true spirit of unpopular takes, you’ve got me thinking.

At the time I thought it was perfect recognition of the fact that a premiership takes more than the guys out on the field. I felt proud that our club had recognised that. I still do, but whenever I see Bob in his Freo gear, or heard him talk about how at home he now feels among The Purple, I feel a bit affronted somehow, and it has lessened the impact of that moment, so your unpopular take isn’t something I’d reject so completely these days.