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When you say limited what do you mean? Not Bont?

I'll agree that Jack and Libba don't have the wheels, although Libba can still move alright and Adz is not elite defensively (although his pressure / tackles numbers are up this season).

Every team has primary midfielders with shortcomings. FWIW I don't think Adz is limited as a midfielder at all as I said his defensive numbers are up, he hits the scoreboard, he kicks on both sides reasonably well and gets it a heap.

He's actually one of the most consistent performers outside of Bont in the team and plays at a high level pretty much every week.

He's also gone to half forward for us in the past and hit the scoreboard.

Ed's been a revelation in the middle but he does tend to butcher the ball badly at times and doesn't have Adz's IQ or hands in close, he's developing though but he certainly does have his limitations pretty much like 90% of the midfielders in the competition.

Maybe I'm missing something and you meant something else?
Yeah good question. I think I mean more of an all rounder than a good or bad thing.

Adz defensive side has improved a bit but mostly offers speed and ability to find it.

Libba all about the contested ball.

Macrae an accumulator. Been terrible in transition as Mantis pointed out.

My issue isn't with the individuals, rather how they are as a collective. It's get the ball or we are stuffed, and not explosive when we do get it.