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    Re: Interview With Matthew Croft

    Thanks a lot for this interview.
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    Re: Interview With Matthew Croft

    Here is footage of him presenting Toby with his jumper.

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    Re: Interview With Matthew Croft

    Quote Originally Posted by merantau View Post
    Agree with GetDimmaback: Matthew Croft was a very under rated player. He was always in the contest, hard to shift, strong mark with good skil[s both hand and foot and both sides of body. Good decision maker who was rarely caught with the ball. In all the years I've watched football, he's the only player I've ever seen manage to run while he pinned the ball to the middle of his back with his right hand. How the hell it got there, I don't know (and neither probably does he) but he did manage to retrieve it somehow. However, sadly after a great effort under great pressure, he went on to snap a behind. Make no mistake, Matthew Croft was a top footballer and we always be remembered fondly by supporters who were fortunate enough to see him play.
    I don't remember him catching the ball like that but I can see Crofty getting into that position quite easily. I saw the Windies doing fielding practice when I was a kid. Vic Richards threw a ball in the air and whacked it 50 metres to Richie Richardson who then caught it behind him with his back turned to Viv. Unbelievable.
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